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Wedding Enhancements

Married with Grace

Wedding Enhancements to make your wedding special and unique to you

Your wedding can be crafted as you wish, with as many elements as you like to make the ceremony uniquely yours. Add enhancements to your wedding to make it truly magical.

Michael Grace Celebrant Wedding Enhancements


Music is a passion of mine.  I am a great believer in the power of music in our lives and the amazing role and impact that music can have in a wedding ceremony.

The music you choose for your wedding is yours to choose and can range from sacred (religious) to secular (non-religious), from classical to modern. The music you choose will make your wedding unique to you, as individuals (each of you will have your favorite music) and as a couple (you have found music common to you both since you met).

I have more information about ceremony music and how and what to choose here.

Some Recommendations

Michael Grace Celebrant Wedding Enhancements

Your wedding is all about your love for each other, from the time you met to the day of your wedding and the beginnings of your future together. As part of your wedding ceremony we celebrate that love through your ‘Love Story’. I will work with you to craft your love story that we can share with family and friends, which will make your wedding ceremony unique and very special to you.

Love Conquers All

Michael Grace Celebrant Wedding Enhancements

Your choice of wedding readings reflect who you are as a couple.

Maybe there is a preferred reading that represents some event in your journey together. Maybe it is a reflection of your family and friends and what they mean to you. Maybe it is chosen to remember past loved ones.

The choice is yours, making it personal to you.

Just like your choice of music, your readings can range from religious to non-religious, from classical (Shakespeare) to modern (Seamus Heaney).

There are no restrictions on your choice of reading. It is your wedding, your way.

Michael Grace Celebrant Wedding Enhancements

The candle ceremony symbolizes the light which is given to each of you by your respective family members to light your path together.

The ceremony includes the lighting of two slender candles to represent you as individuals and the unity of two families brought together at the wedding.

The single (larger candle) represents your unity as a couple.

Michael Grace Celebrant Wedding Enhancements

Hand fasting is an ancient Celtic custom, especially common in Ireland and Scotland, in which a couple come together at the start of their marriage relationship.

Hands/wrists are tied together creating the bond between you as a couple. The practice gave way to the expression "tying the knot".

Michael Grace Celebrant Wedding Enhancements

The Sand Ceremony is a unique way to symbolize two lives becoming one, but remaining individual.

The ceremony usually involves the blending of two different colored sands, to represent the two individuals coming together as one in the bond of marriage.

Michael Grace Celebrant Wedding Enhancements
Yesterday was to be our special day and due to our amazing family and friends it still was. My fab sister arranged a surprise zoom commitment sand ceremony for us to mark the day. The celebrant Michael was so kind and made the day so special and personal for us even via computer screen so I just thought that I would pop his details here incase anyone was looking for a celebrant, I would highly recommend him. Now lets just hope the 4th September brings as much sunshine🤣

Ciara & Andrew, May 2020

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