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Married With Grace

There are many reasons couples decide not to get married legally, but choose a commitment ceremony to celebrate their union of love.

A commitment ceremony is a meaningful and dignified ceremony for any couple, of any gender, who want to make a public declaration of their life long commitment and love for each other.  The ceremony can be held with family and friends or on their own.  A commitment ceremony is a promise to stay with each other and a declaration of love and devotion. 

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Many couples decide not to change their legal status as individuals, but still want to commit to each other in a bond of love as their they travel their life journey together. This can be a small ceremony just on your own, or with as many people as you like.

Like all my ceremonies I will work with you to plan and create the perfect commitment ceremony, that is personalized, unique and individual to you as a couple.  For a commitment ceremony, with no legal requirements, the possibilities are endless.  Your ceremony can include many of the features of a wedding, including vows, ring exchange, candles, hand fasting, sand ceremony and many more wonderful enhancements to make it truly unique and special. 

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