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  • What is a Wedding Celebrant?
    Simply put, a Wedding Celebrant is a person who performs and officiates formal ceremonies. Although they are commonly seen in weddings, they can also conduct other ceremonies like vow renewals, baby naming, and funeral rites.
  • How far in advance do you take bookings?
    Most couples will organise their Wedding Celebrant about 12 to 18 months in advance. However, do not worry, if your wedding date is sooner than that, as long as I am free on that date, I am happy to take the booking.
  • Are there any restrictions on the date or location we can get married ?
    There are no restrictions on where and when you can have your wedding ceremony. Chic hotel or ancient castle. Sandy beach or forest glade. Anytime of the day, 24 hours per day! However there are some restrictions for a legally binding marriage. The location must have a postal address and must be accessible to the public.
  • What kind of ceremony can we have? Can it be religious/ non-religious/ secular?
    Your ceremony can be whatever you want it to be. My philosophy is ‘Your Wedding Your Way’. I work with each couple to create a ceremony to reflect you and your life together. As an member of Entheos Ireland we are not bound by any belief system or religion, meaning the ceremony is a reflection of your beliefs, not mine. So the ceremonies can be religious, non-religious, spiritual or completely secular, whatever you decide! In Entheos Ireland we strive to create meaningful and inspiring ceremonies with the overriding principles of diversity and inclusiveness. We believe in the absolute equality of all people and their choices in life.
  • Can we have input into the ceremony?
    Absolutely. After an initial consultation, I write a first draft of the ceremony which is then sent to you for input and editing. It is a work in progress until we get it perfect, and you have full control over what is/is not included.
  • Can you legally marry us?
    Yes. I am a registered solemniser with HSE with Entheos Ireland. I can legally solemnise your wedding on behalf of the state
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