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Michael Grace Celebrant Funerals

Celebrating life rather than mourning death

The death of a loved one can be a very difficult time and so it is important to say goodbye in a way that celebrates their life and your time with them.  Celebrate their life in a way that they would wish for , honouring their personality and spirit. 

Whether it is a funeral, memorial service or scattering of ashes I will create, with you, a unique and personal ceremony that embraces the beliefs and values of the deceased.  A ceremony that celebrates the life and spirit of the departed. 

Michael Grace Celebrant Funerals

Michael celebrated our sister Ann’s civil funeral without having had the opportunity to meet with her in person before she passed.  She had planned her funeral, so Michael met with my brother-in-law to walk through the service.  Michael’s calming and caring nature put my brother-in-law at ease straight away and made it easy for him to open up and tell stories of their life together. From which Michael skilfully penned a beautiful personal service which celebrated Ann’s life.  The general response from mourners was that it was the most personal and dignified funeral they had ever been to and would definitely think about a similar service for themselves. We can’t recommend him highly enough.

The Henry Family

“Do not cry because it is over.  Smile because it happened.” – Dr Suess

Michael Grace Celebrant Funerals

Funeral Services

I create personal funeral services to celebrate the life of the deceased.  Working with the family, the funeral service remembers the deceased, their personalities, their passions and their beliefs.  The service can be completely non-religious or can include some religious elements, for example prayers or music.  The service can include mementos, candle lighting, readings, poetry and music all wrapped around the eulogy, remembering and celebrating the life of the departed.​

Scattering of Ashes

For families who have chosen cremation the next question is what to do with the remains of your their loved one.  Many choose to bring them home or replace their remains in a local cemetery.  But there are so many other ways to scatter the ashes of the departed through a ceremony that reflects both their personalities and their beliefs.  

Memorial Services

A memorial service is usually held to celebrate the life of the deceased.  It can be held anytime after their death, one year later or on a birthday or other anniversary.  It is a lovely way to remember the departed when out of the initial shock of your loss.  Memorial services can be held at any location, family home, a place of personal significance, or even a favourite holiday destination.  A time to remember, a time to celebrate.

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