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Michael Grace Celebrant Small Wedding Ceremonies

Married With Grace

Why Have a Small Wedding?

IntimacyBy having a small wedding, you will start your married life surrounded by the people who care most about you.

Reduced StressYou will worry less because only the eyes of your close family and friends are at the wedding. If everything does not go perfectly your guests are likely not to notice or mention it.

Lower Cost, Better Quality Lets face it; big weddings are expensive. If you choose to go with a small wedding your budget will be much less likely to be blown out of proportion, giving you greater control and the ability to have a higher quality wedding that you would otherwise be able to afford.

More Venue ChoicesSince you don't have a huge guest list, you can choose venues which would otherwise be off limits due to size. Small art galleries, a special place to you or historic homes are excellent choices.

Michael Grace Celebrant Small Wedding Ceremonies
Michael Grace Celebrant Small Wedding Ceremonies

Why Have a Small Wedding?

Better CustomizationWhen you have a small wedding, you can tailor everything to your taste. Because you won't be providing hundreds of invitations, favors and meals, you can choose options which further customize your wedding choices, making them unique to your wedding.

Spending More Time with GuestsHow many weddings have made you feel like a stranger fulfilling a social obligation? Small weddings allow for more time to be spent with each guest. Making the experience welcome and loving.

Guests Feel More Relaxed Because you will be spending more time with your guests, they will feel more at home at your wedding. When the guest list is small, guests have a better opportunity to mingle with others.

Shorter TimelinesWith fewer people and details to fulfill, you will have the option to cut down your timeline. Do you want to be married by this time three months from now? A small guest list will make this possible.

Cherished MemoriesA small wedding gives you the opportunity to have exactly the kind of wedding you've dreamed of, making memories even better. It is a great way to build a wonderful beginning to your new life.

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