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Married With Grace

Michael Grace Celebrant Elopement Ceremony

You don't always need to plan, sometimes you just need to
Breath, Trust, Let Go
and see what happens

Mandy Hale

Michael Grace Celebrant Elopement Ceremony

When we talk of elopement we often think about running away to get married.  But eloping has changed.  It is now more about getting married in a destination of your choice , on your terms, on your own or with a small group of people. 

Don’t want the fuss of a big wedding?  Want to celebrate your bond of marriage just between you or with a small group of friends?  Don’t want to spend thousands on your wedding?  Want to get married in a unique venue?

Elopement could be the perfect choice for you. 

Michael Grace Celebrant Elopement Ceremony

Reasons to Elope

'Just Us' Experience - a day authentic to you, aligned with your values and visions

Intimate and Personal - Eloping doesn't have to be just the two of you.  Invite close family and friends for a truly intimate and personal day.

Less Stress and Anxiety - Eloping couples feel much more relaxed, not rushed and completely free of stress.

Experience over things - If the experience of the moment is more important than the tangible things - eloping could be for you.

Less Planning - The bigger the wedding the more planning involved.


Ireland is the perfect destination for your elopement wedding ceremony for many reasons; beautiful landscape; rich culture; literature, poetry and music; a thousand welcomes; or your ancestral home.  I will work with your to create the perfect elopement ceremony, working with partners (hotels, guest houses, florists and photographers) in many of the fabulous venues and destinations in Ireland. 

My ceremonies can be performed at a venue or destination of your choice.  The location, day and time is yours to decide.  Whether a chic hotel or an ancient castle, in a forest glade or a sandy beach, your ancestral or family home, the choice is yours.   

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