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Why have a small wedding?

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

Small Weddings

These are indeed extraordinary times and so many couples have had to postpone their weddings. We are still in uncertain times, albeit we are starting to see light at the end of the tunnel. We now have some guidelines from the Government, which allows for smaller weddings, with the necessary health and safety restrictions.

2021 and 2022 are going to be very busy years for weddings with it becoming more and more difficult to get the date and day that you want.

So rather than postpone your wedding, why not think about a small wedding? Not the wedding you originally dreamed of, but it can be.

Reasons Why

So, why have a small wedding? Here I have outlined so many good reasons why a small wedding is such a great idea and why it can absolutely can be the wedding of your dreams.

You will celebrate your wedding with the people that matter most to you. Restricting numbers limits your guests to only close family and friends. Most couples agree that this is one of the best things about having a small wedding.

You will feel more relaxed. Being surrounded by your closest family and friends rather than a large fathering of acquaintances will make you feel more at home with your guests.

You will save money. You can save thousands of euro by having an intimate wedding, which means you don't have to go over budget (or borrow money).

You can splurge. Many couples choose a small guest list so that they can pull out all the stops to have a truly lavish wedding. When you have fewer guests you can go all out on the things that really matter to you.

You can be creative with your venue options. A smaller guest list gives you a wider choice of venues. You can be more inventive with your type of venue, from boutique hotels to restaurants, from art galleries to museums or even your back garden.

You get to spend time with your guests. A small wedding gives you the opportunity to spend time with each of your guests, making them feel welcome.

Your guests will feel more relaxed. Because you can spend at least some time with all of your guests, they feel more at home at your wedding. Plus guests have more opportunity to mingle with each other.

Your wedding will leave an impression. Because your wedding won’t be a typical wedding – the kind your guests have been to over and over again – your wedding is more likely to leave an impression.

You can work with a shorter time frame. With fewer guests and details to fulfill, you will have the option to cut down on your time-line. Want to be married by this time three months? A small wedding makes this possible.

You can have an amazing honeymoon. Less money spent on the wedding leaves more money to spend on the honeymoon of a lifetime.

You can steal some time with your spouse on the day. Fewer guests allows you some time together. With less people to have that obligatory conversation with, this allows you more time to take a moment, soak it up and enjoy each other on your wedding day.

You can cut loose. With your family and closest friends in a comfortable setting, you will feel free to dance, play music you actually like and celebrate like you have just got married.

Small Wedding Venues in Ireland

Here I have listed some of my favourite intimate wedding venues in Ireland. I have also included some websites where you will find many more choices.

Stephens Green Hibernian Club

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