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Real Wedding - Ross & Amanda - 19th September 2020

Updated: May 3, 2021

Ross and Amanda faced that difficult choice that so many couples are facing - postpone or go ahead with a very different wedding than you originally planned. When they were facing that question, churches were closed, so they thought they had no choice but to postpone. Until they spoke to their venue, Bellingham Castle, who said, "why not have your ceremony here". All they needed to do was find a celebrant and the staff of Bellingham Castle would look after everything else. And I am so happy they found me. From the moment I met Ross and Amanda and their son Brandon, I knew I was in the company of very special people.

Working with Amanda and Ross, we created a beautiful ceremony filled with romance, love, family and friendship. What made it so special were the readings and music chosen by them. There is a theory that the music you choose for your wedding ceremony sets the tone for the day, and that certainly was the case for Ross and Amanda. Music ranging from Songbird (Eva Cassidy) as Amanda walked up the aisle to Sky Full of Stars (Coldplay) as they walked back down the aisle as husband and wife.

The fun part of bringing a ceremony together is writing and delivering the couple's love story. For Ross and Amanda their story was full of love, from the time they met at Amanda's grandad's funeral to the day of their wedding, with their son Brandon at the centre of their world.

The 19th September came and the sun shone. Blue skies, glorious sunshine, and a stunning venue. The perfect setting for an outdoor wedding for a wonderful couple and family. There was a little breeze so it was difficult to light the candles, but to be outside in the sunshine made for a truly memorable day, which I am sure you can see from the photos. With 50 guests from family and close friends, all there to support Amanda and Ross, with their sunglasses on, the ceremony set the tone for the rest of a wonderful day.

Venue: Bellingham Castle

Photographer: Lisa McCormack Photography

Musician: Sharon Gaynor

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