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Planning an outdoor wedding ceremony

Updated: Apr 12, 2022

When planning your wedding ceremony in Ireland, we don’t necessarily think about outdoor, but it is becoming more and more popular. However, an outdoor ceremony in Ireland can present some challenges, most of which can be overcome with the help of your venue or your wedding celebrant/officiant.

Here are some tips and things to think about when planning an outdoor wedding ceremony.


Does your chosen venue have outdoor facilities? How accessible are they? Think about your guests, particularly anyone with mobility issues. What is the aisle like? Will you be walking on soft ground across grass? Talk to your chosen venue to ensure you know and understand all the logistics of the outdoor area, so there are no surprises on the day.

Contingency Plans

One thing in Ireland which is very unpredictable is the weather. As they, in Ireland you could see four seasons in one day. And the weather is something over which we have no control. Talk to your venue about the contingency plans should the weather change on the day. How quickly can they move the ceremony in doors?

Legal Process

If you are planning to have your outdoor ceremony in a non-conventional location or venue and would like to solemnise your marriage as part of your wedding ceremony, you need to consider the requirements of the Registrar for the venue. The location or venue must have a postal address and must be accessible to the public. If these two requirements are not present, you will need to legalise your marriage at a separate appointment with the Registrar and then have your wedding ceremony in the location or venue as planned.

Ceremony Logistics

For an outdoor ceremony there are some logistical things to think about, which either your venue or your wedding celebrant will help you with.


A sound system may be required to ensure that all your guests can hear your ceremony. Your venue or your celebrant will look after this once they know the number of guests.


In an outdoor ceremony it can be challenging to light or keep lit your wedding candles. Ask your venue if they have holders for outdoor candles (or supply your own). Of course you can just go with it, and let nature do what it will do.

Guests Comfort

Have a chat with your venue about comfort for your guests. Maybe blankets available for guests (we are in Ireland so even in the height of the summer there might be a cool breeze). Have umbrellas close by in the event that the weather suddenly changes during the ceremony, particularly for you and your celebrant.

These are just a few things to consider when planning an outdoor ceremony. Your venue and your celebrant will chat through all this with you. What I hope this blog does is help with the questions to ask as your start your planning.

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