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Alternative Wedding Rituals

There are many beautiful rituals that you can include in your ceremony to symbolize your union in marriage, the most popular being handfasting and the sand ceremony.  Here I explain a few alternative rituals to create that symbolism, that can help to create a memorable moment for you and something you guests will remember every time you speak of your ceremony.  From romantic to traditional, have a read of these.

Jumping the Broom

A quirky ritual at the end of your ceremony as you walk down the aisle.  A broom is placed across the aisle, which you jump over, signifying a new beginning, sweeping away the past.  You quite literally jump into your new life together.

Flower Ceremony

Often known as the Rose Ceremony, this is a beautiful romantic ritual representing the gift of love.  Flowers are exchanged between you or flowers are placed into a vase by guests, symbolising your love for each other and the joining of two families.

Wine Ceremony

A lovely symbol of union and celebration, where you share a glass of wine or champagne during your ceremony.  As the grapes have been blended and warmed under the blue sky and sunshine, so have your stories, lives and futures. 

A good wine or champagne, like a good marriage, is the result of many years of hard work. There is the unhurried nurturing of the vine and tender care of the grape, thoughtful mix of ingredients, patient fermenting — yielding the unique flavours of each passing year.

Tree Planting

A symbol of setting down roots together.  Just like the tree you are plant; marriage requires constant nurturing and nourishment. As you provide the sun, soil, and water for this tree, you will provide the encouragement, trust, and love needed on a daily basis to consciously nurture and nourish your connection to each other.

Time Capsule

The Time Capsule is a beautiful way to capture memories of your day to remember back on your first wedding anniversary.

Lucy and Cameron included this in their wedding ceremony. They included two of their favourite bottles of wine in the capsule. "Like a good wine, a great love will deepen and mature with age. As this wine develops and matures, so too will your love for each other as you grow together in years."

They also included two love letters in the capsule. These letters encapsulated their thoughts and feelings of the day, the reasons they fell in love, the reasons they chose to marry and why they want to spend the rest of their days together.

When they open the capsule they will be transported back in time and relive their amazing wedding day.

Quaich Ceremony

A Scottish tradition that is proving popular in Ireland.  The Quaich symbolises the sharing between a couple.  A special vessel, used by the two families, to celebrate a bond, where you partake in the offered drink. 

Las Arras (Coin) Ceremony

This is a Spanish ritual, where 13 coins are passed between you, representing the promises to take cares of each other and symbolises the hope for abundance and success as you embark on your journey together. The 13 coins represent the values and our hopes for your future together.

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