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Winter Wedding..... Magical, Romantic..... Why Not?

2021 and 2022 are going to be busy years for weddings, following the disaster that was 2020. It will be difficult to book your favourite venue and suppliers. And that could lead to higher prices and a very expensive wedding, particularly in the high season between April and September. To solve that problem more and more couples are choosing to have a winter wedding and why not? Think open fires, spiced cocktails and lots of candles…

Think about an off season wedding between October and March. Indeed, think about the romance of a Christmas wedding or a glamorous New Year’s eve wedding.

Here are some good reasons why you should have a winter wedding.

Your Dream Wedding Venue

With a very busy few years coming up for the wedding industry, you will find it very difficult to find that dream venue. Booking a winter wedding increases your chance of getting that venue that you have always dreamed of. You won’t have to compete with all the summer weddings.

Less Expensive

Getting married can be very expensive and winter weddings are no exception to that. However, like all things, off season gives you an opportunity to saves a few Euros. From you hotel to your flowers. From your band to your suits. Your budget will stretch so much further and allow you to splash out.

Full of Romance

Winter is just generally a more romantic time of year – maybe it’s the twinkling fairy lights, the Christmas cheer in the air or maybe it’s the cold weather that makes us cuddle up close together. Either way, you’re guaranteed that beautiful fairytale charm.

Guaranteed Weather!

If you plan a summer wedding, you are always desperately wishing for good weather – but then after a while, you’ll crash back down to earth and realise that you actually live in Ireland and the chance of sun even in the height of July is basically slim to none. In winter, although its 110% certain that there will be no heat, or sun – at least you have predictability and won’t get caught out (maybe not snow!).

Magical Elements

There are lots of fun and quirky elements you can introduce to a winter wedding, such as a snow globe as a topper and mugs of mulled wine or hot chocolate instead of sparkling wine or champagne.

Christmas Wedding

Whether it’s the possibility of experiencing a white wedding with snow all around, the glorious spread of rich foods, or the romance in the air, there are so many reasons to love a Christmas wedding.

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