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Elopement: The perfect choice for you?

Elopement was traditionally seen as running away to get married. Now it is more about your wedding day on your terms, without all the fuss of a traditional wedding. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with a traditional style wedding, indeed it is often the perfect setting for a couple, however sometimes it just doesn’t work for some couples and elopement might be the perfect choice. Here I outline some reasons why you might choose to elope and some tips when planning your elopement.

For independent celebrants like myself, our number one focus is you, your ceremony and how it represents your personalities and beliefs.

Good Reasons to Elope

There are many good reasons why eloping might suit you. Here are some of my favourites.

Just Us’ experience. So many couples elope to create a day focused on just the two of them. Strip away all the pressure, anxiety and obligation of having a traditional wedding. Instead have a day authentic to you, aligned with your values and visions. Elopement gives you the freedom to decide how you want to commit to and express your love for each other.

Intimate and Personal. Eloping doesn’t have to be just the two of you. Invite close family and friends to your wedding. The smaller numbers allow you much more time with your guests creating an intimate and personal occasion. Your guests will feel more relaxed. Because you can spend at least some time with all of your guests, they feel more at home at your wedding. Plus, guests have more opportunity to mingle with each other.

Experience over Things. If the experience of the moment is more important than all the tangible things that are often associated with a traditional wedding, then elopement could be for you. So much money is often spent on the ‘stuff’ that distracts from the reason for the day and eloping strips away all that to allow you to focus on you.

Less Stress and Anxiety. Planning your big day can pile on the stress and often ends up that you just want the day to end to allow you to breath and spend time together. You should instead be wishing that the day would never end. Eloping couples feel much more relaxed, not rushed and completely free of stress. They felt full of love and truly present with their partner.

Too much planning. The bigger the wedding the bigger the planning. So much to organise and before you know it the time has gone and it is the night before your wedding. Have you given time to the important things, like writing your vows. You have spent so much time focusing on the ‘stuff’ and everyone else, you haven’t had time for yourselves.

Elopement Tips

Here are some tips for preparing and planning your elopement.

Don’t just run away. Elopement are so much more than they used to be. They are not just about running away to get married. They are about creating a day that is centred around you and creating a day and ceremony that is truly about you.

Choose your dream location. There are so many stunning locations and venues in Ireland and across the world for your ceremony, so be intentional about where you choose to elope to. Where you met. Where you proposed. Favourite holiday destination. Choose a place that has special meaning to your both.

Keep it close. If you are inviting guests limit your numbers and remember accessibility of the location. You don’t want the logistics of getting guests to your location to take over and become that stress point that you are trying to avoid.

Add your personal touches. The beauty of eloping is that you can make your ceremony and your day truly about you. Add those personal touches, that you might be reluctant to add in the traditional style wedding. Ask yourself what are your passions and how you can incorporate those into your ceremony.

Check the marriage laws. Marriage laws are different in every country, so check and plan before you choose your location.

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